Did you know that the average salary in North America is $51, 951 for Canadians and $49, 777 for Americans? How can we start making more money? This is a common question we all find ourselves wondering. And the truth is it’s all up to you. Your failures and your successes rest solely on you. So it’s time to get off your behind and start getting after it!   The 10 Keys To Success advocates one major theme above the rest, and that’s hard work, hard work, and you guessed it, more hard work. And if there’s anything we can take away from this fantastic book, it’s that money and good fortune does not come to those who sit around waiting and complaining. No, it is reserved for the go-getters, those who are hungry for more. It’s not about being greedy, it’s about getting your share, not what you think you deserve, but what you know you deserve.